What is your next product? The answer lies with your customers

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Introducing a successful Israeli start-up through listening and creating Involvement with customers has developed the next big feature

We want to introduce you to a wonderful company with a wonderful product, a technological start-up that keeps you on your back when you work with your computer.

Afrite is an Israeli company. In 2018, their flagship product, After Go Goes into the US Apple Store, is a major leap forward.

We have been in the remix studio for a long time and are producing their video campaign. Here is a short video that is less than half a minute away. Notice how the company presents its existing customers with a new feature developed for the product.

What is amazing is that the development of the new feature came from within the field, from customer responses, asking that they came up in the forums, meaning that the company developed something here that responded to the demands of the customers and for the benefit of its customers.

This video, of course, is sent to the company’s customers who are actually the product’s repeaters. What an amazing thing it is – the company actually gives something here to customers, it does not ask for anything for him, the message here is tremendous. “We listen to you. We do for you. ”
From here we also suggest you to think, do you generate enough social involvement around your product or service? If not, you should start, and if so, what did you learn from it? Maybe your next product, or your next service, is hiding right there among your customers’ comments and shares.

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