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In the first stage we meet in our studio for a cup of coffee with cookies and brainstorming. Then we begin the characterization and research phase where we know the company, the target audience, and examine the correct strategy and the messages we will set out with.

From here the studio staff convenes for a creative meeting where we begin to come up with ideas in accordance with the formulation of the characterization document. After the concept and the creative document are presented to the client, we approach the script. When the script is approved, we begin casting players or preselectors, selecting locations and preparing for the day of filming. Silence takes pictures!

After the filming begins with the post-production stage, all the materials flow into the studio to the editing, effects, typography, narration, sinek, audio, music selection, video mix and color balance. The first viewing will be sent in a special link where you can make notes easily in the body of the video – these comments will enter the timeline linked to the studio. So we do not miss anything. After the changes are made, all the campaign files will be sent to you according to the required formats and platforms, Facebook / LinkedIn / InStagram / YouTube, top banner, etc.

One of the things we advocate is to give video advertising capability to any business, from small to huge. That is why we are always working to try to understand the budget framework before we go wild with ideas that could make the implementation more expensive. Not always the most expensive will bring the most results, sometimes smart creative and cracking the target audience and what motivates it can lead to a series of short videos, simple to produce but very effective.
And yet, how much does it cost, how much does an image film cost? How much does a marketing video cost, how much does an advertisement cost?
If you still want numbers, then you can say broadly that productions range from 15,000 to 150,000 shekels today
Experienced business owners and companies that produce commercials and use video as their biggest tool will tell you one thing, an image clip, an advertisement or a marketing video – it’s not an expense, it’s an investment.
Good marketing video means success, and the success of a good video campaign means revenue.

There are quite a few parameters that affect the cost of production, creative, script, actors, lighting and cameras, locations, presenter, director, producer, production vehicles, staff food, makeup, staff on the set, studio editing hours and more … , But every project / production / film and its budget framework, we adjust the client’s budget to the concept, sometimes even present a number of options to choose from different costs

As creators, we usually write all the content for the videos we take. But of course if you have a script ready we can take it from here. Of course, a good script that will eventually need to be turned into production and filming days, we are, of course, in a pre-production stage, making sure everything can be done, meets the budget and goals.

A very common question 🙂 Day photography is a complex thing that requires concentration of the creators and staff on the set. The more people on the set the more the consensus, so we always recommend that only those who should be on the set … should be on the set 🙂