A great marketing video for presenting your mass funding project in the best possible way

We live in an age without intermediaries, if there is a dream that must come true, we realize.
When it comes to producing a mass-financing video for the Dasstraat, Indigogo or Kickstarter,
The chances of a successful project increase by 66% when there is a winning video that promotes the project.

Within just 24 hours of the rise of the mass-funding video to Indigogo, The Israeli creator Ortal Peleg raised the full amount he asked for. The project completed recruitment at 500% above the target
Only 3 hours after the video was posted on the Kickstarter site, the entrepreneurs reached the destination. The project raised over half a million dollars, hundreds of percent above the target, And attracted over 6,000 supporters from all over the world, these days the small company from Petach Tikva is expanding.
The creator and singer Amit Lewis, on the way to a debut album The project was successfully recruited.
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