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A social video campaign will make your product or service a brand,
We create Time Line where you will expose your viewers over time to a number of videos on different platforms and at different times we will set them together.

A new advertising campaign for the dog food brand that is going to bring "Dogs love" to a new level. We love it!
A series of marketing videos for a brand that is going to change the way a resume is submitted Advertisements for a Facebook marketing campaign and a remarketing campaign
When the first Mills video was premiered on facebook groups, the company's stock in Israel ran out. Five different media videos were produced for the successful campaign
The Israeli start-up, which is keeping its back straight, has entered as big as Apple stores in the US, For the past two years, MARIMIX has produced marketing and action-oriented videos.
In Vertico's main video we placed 2 cameras for a month at the company's hangar, Together we edited more than 3000 still images for the first ever timeless video of its kind in Israel for hydroponic growth Later, HOW TO videos were produced in our studios
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