A short history of the video in digital

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how it all began? Was YouTube first? What is the secret of the success of the successful companies in the world and how it all relates to video, all the details inside

In order to start creating video in the present era, we need to stop a moment to understand
Where are we, and how did we get here?
The platform that undoubtedly controls the content of our time is YouTube,
YouTube site is the second largest search engine in the world, it is an amazing statistic that in its definition
YouTube is not a search engine at all. Yet it is one of the most viewed sites from the beginning of the Internet age. The YouTube site was established in 2005, but there were 3 members who worked in a relatively small startup so called Paeifel. They left PayPal and teamed up to set up YouTube. And the rest … Future
What is the future? That one year after YouTube is launched, Google recognizes the potential and buys the young start-up at $ 1.65 billion.
Now not many people know this, but YouTube was not the first at all, and Vemo was there a year ago, before YouTube.
So how it happened that Wimmo stayed far behind, the reason for this is one. It was community involvement and community that made YouTube what it is.
Remember MySpace? And the way Facebook erased them from the map.
Facebook and YouTube, knew how to make everyone in the world confused, opinionated,
And most importantly the owner has greater involvement in their site. The need to share others is one of man’s basic needs.
YouTube, Facebook, Watsap, Instagram, Twitter. Everyone is successful because they answer one of the basic needs of the human race. The need to share is now what leads the digital marketing world. The more we engage our target audience in the products, the sites, the different pages, the more relevant our brand will be. And more organic.
Why do we actually talk about all this, we came to talk about video and we talk about history?
We are talking about it, because video becomes business and branded products.
And the way everyone will talk about your brand is video. A small example
When I buy a new product, and I have a 40-page workbook, which I will never read. I realize right away that this company did not think of me as a customer. She thought of me as a buyer. There’s a big difference between Kastomer and Pierre.
Buyers will go and come, but customers will stay.
So when I buy a new product, and it has a link to a video with well-filmed guidance, sounds good, has real value. Buying the product has become an experience. And if at the end of the video there is a motive for action, then maybe I will also write a praiseworthy response on the video page and also signed up for a mailing list and updates about the product.
Thus the company creates a sense of mixed with its customers.
Join us for the next video, we’ll show you a video campaign we did to a super cool company,
And how the involvement of customers and the community created by the company led to new developments and finally to a new product that emerged from the responses in the community.